World Elite Rogers Bank Mastercard Cardholder Agreement

To check Mastercard`s exchange rate® before purchasing, please visit: Cash advances can be paid at an ATM or at any bank. It is $5.00 each time you receive a cash advance inside or outside of Canada. Subject to loan approval PLUS minimum income requirement of $80,000 annual personal income or $150,000 annual household income. To maintain your eligibility, you must spend $15,000 each year. To maintain your account, you must have a minimum annual expense of at least $15,000 displayed on your account during each annual review period. An annual review period begins on 1 August of each year and ends on 31 July of the following year. If you have not maintained the minimum annual expenses during an annual review period, we reserve the right to switch accounts for another Rogers Bank credit card product on or after November 1 during the next annual review period, without affecting rewards earned up to the date of the change. Can I have a Rogers Platinum Mastercard and a World Elite Mastercard at the same time? For more information, see the Cardholder Agreement and the Disclosure Summary. To upgrade to Rogers™ World Elite® Mastercard® your personal income must be at least $80,000 (or $150,000 in household income).

or if your current annual spending on your current Rogers Bank™ Mastercard® is $25,000 or more. To maintain your eligibility for the Rogers World Elite® Mastercard® account, you must have a minimum annual redemption of at least $15,000 for the total purchases made during each annual review period. The annual review period shall begin on 1 August of each year and end on 31 July of the following year. Below are important credit card change information: To qualify for the Rogers™ World Elite Mastercard®® your personal income must be at least $80,000 (or $150,000 in household income). or if you are currently spending $25,000 or more on your Rogers™ Mastercard®. Credit card protection services that work day and night to protect you. You can avoid calculating interest by paying the full balance of the statement on the due date of the statement. This is your interest-free grace period! This interest-free grace period does not apply to cash advances, cash transactions or balance transfers.

How do I increase or decrease my credit limit? An emergency card takes about two days to arrive. Receipt of an emergency card is free of charge. You can apply for a cash advance in the country where you are travelling. There is a fee of $5.00 per cash advance outside of Canada. Please note Rogers Bank`s disclosure™ for the annual interest rate on cash advances. The card comes with the benefits ® Mastercard, including: If you do not pay your bill within the grace period without interest, interest will be charged from the moment of purchase. See the cardholder`s agreement for more details here. . $29.00 if your outstanding balance exceeds your credit limit; Fees are only charged 1 time per billing period. These fees do not apply to residents of Quebec. You can view the Rogers Bank Mastercard interest rate and fees in the Disclosure Summary, click here.

You can also sign up for account notifications to be notified of account activity during your time, including monthly payments or budget reminders. Instructions for signing up for account notifications can be found here. Request an additional card for authorized users and earn rewards even faster! Automatically pay your Rogers™, Fido™ or Chatr™ bill by authorized pre-authorized payment. .