Ucop Bargaining Agreements

5. Parties may invite guests, including experts and/or members of the bargaining unit, to participate in joint committee meetings, subject to prior notification. Do you need more information? On the Campus HR website, you`ll find general information about unions, collective agreements and labour relations at UC Berkeley. A. During the negotiations, both sides had the opportunity to make proposals on all subjects that are not prohibited by law. This agreement contains a comprehensive and comprehensive understanding of the parties on the issues contained in it. Any other prior or existing agreement or arrangement between the parties, whether formal or informal, on these issues is replaced by this. Unless provided for by this agreement, it is agreed and understood that each party voluntarily waives its right to negotiate on all issues raised in the negotiations or dealt with in this agreement. A. The university may discipline or lay off an ASE for a just reason. ”discipline”: a written warning, suspension without payment or dismissal.

An oral warning may be included in a complaint if it is later used as evidence or to justify the extent of the sanction in a disciplinary case. A person who is no longer employed in the bargaining unit may, pursuant to section 12, file a claim regarding the placement of a written warning inserted in the EMPLOYMENT file of the ESA in accordance with this section within 30 days of the date on which the ASE knew or should have known that a written warning had been included in its employment file. Has. Manual delivery: in case of manual delivery, the performance certificate must be attached to the appeal before an arbitration procedure. The date of receipt is used to determine the date of appeal for manually placed claims. b. United States Mail: In the event of a shipment, the call must be sent in an envelope containing a U.S. Postal Service postmark. The U.S. Postal Service postmark is used to determine the date of receipt of the claims sent. c.

E-mail to AppealAGrievance@ucop.edu: d. The EU list will contain additional names and data for workers who are not currently on the university`s list of unit70 files. If the employee does not have an active appointment in the collective agreements unit at the time of the salary receipts and the staff data sheet has not yet been entered by the department into the university`s salary settlement system, the addition is refused. Refused data sets may be re-transmitted by the UAW in their subsequent monthly transfers, until the staff data set is processed into the university`s payroll system.