Time Charter Agreement Meaning

This would be the fuel provided by the shipowner to the charterers at the time of delivery of the vessel. (i) During berthing, the vessel`s coating must not exceed 0.7% of the vessel`s length through the stern to a single buoy dock (”SBM”) or 1.5% of the vessel`s length from the stern on a sea island or pier, the propeller being fully submerged. The vessel`s maximum aft coating at all other times must not exceed 1.5% of its total length, as the propeller is completely submerged. The vessel must be able to unload or unload and unload at the same time in order to maintain the necessary aft coating; (b) If the vessel`s cargo acceptance rate is less than the minimum rate indicated above or if its unpacking period exceeds the overtime time prescribed for the full loading of the vessel, this is a rental period and the charterers are entitled to recover, in deduction of rent, losses, damages, costs or expenses resulting from the owner`s non-loading. The owners ensure that they, the ship`s managers, captain and crew, are aware of the ethics and commercial policy of the charterers, as set out in BP`s Code of Conduct entitled ”Our Integrity Obligation” (a copy of this obligation is available on www.bp.com) and its application to third-party contractors. Owners undertake to ensure that, when fulfilling their obligations under this Charter, they, managers, the master and crew act and adhere to the principles set out in the BP Code of Conduct at all times. The owners undertake to ensure that the conditions of use of the ship`s captain, officers and crew are always acceptable to the International Transport Workers Association (ITWF) and that the vessel is equipped with an ITWF blue card or equivalent certification acceptable to ITWF at all times. (e) if the entire cargo cannot be delivered to the vessel at the speed prescribed by the master or within the time frame set out in point b), or a terminal cannot receive the entire cargo within twenty-four (twenty-four) hours or under unloading pressure of seven (7) bars; in relation to the ship`s distributor, the Master presents a notice of protest to a terminal representative detailing all the final restrictions and/or defects as soon as they are imposed and/or become obvious, and does everything reasonably possible to have the terminal representative sign the NOP. If the master is unable to obtain a signature from the terminal representative, he presents another NOP that records the failure of the terminal representative when the original NOP is signed.