Stamping Of Agreements In Malaysia

Please note that an application for a decision is only submitted to IRB after payment of the estimated processing and stamp fees, as well as all documents, i.e. agreements. Let`s say you signed your lease on July 1. Two months later, on September 5, you argue with your landlord. They have already passed the stamp deadline, which is 30 days. This means that you will fall into category (a) that requires you to pay rm10`s original fee, plus a penalty of 5% of the original tax or RM25, whichever is greater. Obviously, RM25 is higher, so you would have to pay a total of RM35. Ringgit Malaysia`s credit agreements generally attract a 0.5% stamp duty For RM credit agreements or RM credit instruments without collateral and refundable on request or in reimbursement by individual shots, the tax liability is reduced by 0.1%. .