Sharepoint Designer License Agreement

4. License TypeYou can use the product on the basis of a four-and-a-half license. Is made available automatically for a period of 30 days to use the product in the organization environment without any restrictions on the functionality of the product. This agreement assumes that the product has been used and that the test license has been used with the intention of acquiring a license for the product after a successful test. MAPILab can contact you to discuss the progress of product testing and licensing.4.2 Free license. This license allows the use of the product with the free set of activities without limitation by the number of servers and the time of use. When the trial license expires, the product will continue to be exported under a free license. The activities available are limited to the free set. The execution of workflows created with other activities is completed by error.4.3 Limited License. This license is purchased for a number of SharePoint servers and allows the use of the product in the organization environment without limitation by time of use, but with a limited number of activities available: only free activity and five paid activities.

After purchasing a limited license and entering registration keys, five activities can be selected from the paid activities (in addition to Free Set of Activities). This selection can be changed later. The rest of the paid activities will not be accessible to workflow creation, while the execution of workflows created with their help will be completed by error.4.4 Full License. This license is acquired for a number of SharePoint servers and allows the product to be used in the organization environment, with no limitation on the time of use and the limitation of available activities. We offer different products (or ”services”). These include e-mail services and applications, document creation tools, and notifications and reminders. All of the products listed are owned and operated by EnovaPoint (we will call the company ”EnovaPoint,” ”us” or ”us”). As an EnovaPoint customer or as a representative of an EnovaPoint customer entity, you are a ”user” (or simply ”you”). Yes, SharePoint Designer 2013 is absolutely free. You don`t need a license to install and use it. 1.

In this agreement, SharePoint used terms – one of the Microsoft SharePoint products mentioned in the product system requirements. SharePoint Server – SharePoint server with every role in which ”Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service” is installed. Workstation – computers in your environment that are used for workflow development. Customer applications – product components that can be installed on workstations. Free activity game – The set of actions and workflow conditions for products in Appendix A of the product manual. Paid Activities – All actions and product flow conditions that are not included in the free activity group. Licensing services – default technical support and version updates included in the license. Renewal of licence – extension of licensing services for an additional year.

I search on the site Microsoft, Google, it is close, Microsoft has no information related to the License Sharepoint Designer, 6. Confidential Information 6.1 All product logging files, access data and other information about your infrastructure that you have provided to MAPILab are considered confidential information. 6.2 Unless expressly stated otherwise, Mapilab has the right to send confidential information to its agents and to communicate it outside your country. 6.3 MAPILab is required not to keep your information confidential for more than two years and to take all appropriate measures to ensure this protection.6.4 Acquiring a license or license for the product is not considered confidential information, unless otherwise stated, and may be mentioned on product websites and in marketing materials.