Section 76 Planning Agreement

An employability and qualifications programme to train residents and reflect the jobs created by the programme will also support the project under a planning agreement provided for in Section 76, guaranteed by the Council. This fact sheet contains information on the purpose and operation of an order of the Minister of Planning (the Minister) in accordance with section 76 of the Planning and Development Act 2005. The Western Australian Planning Commission has developed this fact sheet to support the understanding of Section 76, including the Minister`s powers to direct local governments to prepare and submit a new local planning scheme or a new scheme change, or to adopt a new local planning scheme or a new scheme change. John Hussey, Chairman of the Planning Committee of Belfast City Council, said: ”As the city begins to open up and begin its journey to rest, the development of Belfast`s Waterside will mark a big step forward in Belfast`s regeneration. The Belfast Waterside development will transform an important site that has not been used since 1999, and provide new space for housing in the city centre, quality offices, as well as affordable housing we need, and ensure it becomes a place for all. The framework permit for a £400 million Belfast waterfront project has been issued by City Council. The construction of 2.6 hectares of the former Sirocco factory will change the eastern area of the city and create more than 8,000 jobs and housing for 1500 people. A ”creative cluster” building overlooking the Lagan River will include a public square that will reflect the local industrial heritage and provide new spaces for the use of community and art. It will offer offices, apartments, a hotel, retail, hospitality and professional services, as well as community and recreational facilities….