Sailboat Purchase And Sale Agreement

I am looking for an agreement between private parties instead of brokerage contracts that can be processed to adapt the situation. 1. Quality. The seller agrees to sell to the buyer and the buyer accepts that the seller is one – that ship is freely and freely purchased from all debts, receivables, pledges and charges of any kind, except as stated below and the seller guarantees that he owns a quality and marketable property and will provide the broker with the necessary documents for the transfer of ownership to the buyer or before the dates set for the final payment. 4. Guarantees: Both parties hereafter agree that this is a sale of ”AS-IS” without guarantees (except as stated in #3 above) of any kind, expressly or implicitly. Written chords… be necessary and despised by all. 4. A.

In the event that the sale is investigated, the buyer must order his agents or surveyors to inspect the vessel to ensure that it meets the buyer`s requirements. This investigation is the responsibility of the buyer, including related costs, such as, transportation, dry dock costs, etc., and the buyer hereby acknowledges that the indicator is chosen by him, is in his working relationship and is solely responsible for errors or omissions against him, regardless of whether the broker may have provided the buyer with information on the availability of the indicator. The broker is not responsible for the cost of correcting an item deemed defective for the investigation. The buyer is responsible for the damage caused by his perception. 15. If the broker becomes a party to a dispute over this agreement and it is established that the broker is not guilty, it is agreed that the broker reimburses his legal fees and fees by the party or parties who violated that agreement. LOL 25K – Do you have official state registration documents on which the seller and buyer fill out lines at the time of sale? If that`s all you need, combined with basic proof, you can write on a towel that sells and both signatures. 25K is nothing, make sure you are at the bank with the buyer if you have cashed the cashiers. I, the seller, herethly transfer the exclusive ownership of the boat and trailer to the buyer. The sale price of the vessel in question and the trailer is paid in total on the day of the xxxx of the month. As someone indicates, you will also need a sales invoice and, preferably, a delivery protocol indicating that the boat is delivered as agreed and that the seller has been paid.