Restaurant Lease Agreement Sample India

THE TERM OF THE LEASE. The term of this tenancy is valid for a period of _______years and from months to date – 20%-20%- The tenant may be taken into possession on the first day of the duration of this agreement and hands it over to the lessor on the last day of this agreement, unless both parties decide otherwise and have agreed in writing. Compensation. The tenant undertakes and undertakes to compensate, defend and maintain the lessor for any claim or liabilities that may arise from the tenant`s use and occupation of the premises, and he also releases the lessor for the losses that the lessor may suffer in connection with the use and occupation or maintenance, conservation and control of the premises by the tenant. The tenant hereby undertakes to exempt and compensate the lessor for any rights or liabilities that may result from latent defects in the subject that the lessor does not know at the time of signing the lease or at any time during the term of the tenancy. 4.03 WARRANTIES. With regard to this lease, the lessor, if the lease expressly provides for it, does not give any guarantee or guarantee as to the condition of the premises at the time of the start of the lease. [Please add: The premises were created by (tenant) and sold to landlords as part of a sale/rental transaction. The guarantees relating to the property and premises are contained in the purchase and sale agreement between the lessor and the tenant from the state (date) and in the guarantee of the lessor and the interception of the tacit and peaceful detention below. A restaurant lease is covered by the commercial lease. They are almost identical, with the exception of some distinctive provisions.

Here are some essential ingredients of a restaurant rental agreement: the tenant agrees to make all the furniture mentioned above at the end of the rental period in as good a condition as the condition at the beginning of this lease, with the exception of a deterioration due to normal wear and use of the establishment. 13.02 PARTIAL DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY. In the event that sixty percent (60) or more of the gross rental area in the property is damaged or destroyed by fire or other causes in the last two years of the rental period, or for the last two years of an extended period, without prejudice to the possibility that the rented premises remain without prejudice from such a fire or any other cause, the lessor or tenant has the right to be exercised in writing to the other party within thirty (30) days following this event, to terminate and terminate the tenancy agreement. By submitting such a notification to the tenant, the duration of this rent ends on the date of the damage, and the tenant will empty the rental premises and give the same to the landlord according to the terms of the tenancy agreement, so that a reasonable period of time for the closure of the rental business and the removal of the rental property of the premises. 1.11 INITIAL TERM ENDS: The last day of the _________th [number of months, usually 12 times the number of rental years] full months after the rental date. 2.01 LOCAL LEASED. The landlord is irrelevant and rents the rental, and the rental tenant by the landlord, the building in red on the installation and is referred to as the `Leased Premises` (`Leased Premises`) which are on the land, whose legal description is attached to the appendix – (these buildings and the buildings and improvements that are located here are, from time to time, rental prices consist of approximately the number of square feet inside the building and a total number of