Master Service Agreement Software

2.1 Access to services may require the customer to install certain software applications. The customer is committed to being bound by all end-user software agreements that govern the installation and use of these client applications. If authorizes the customer to distribute such an application to its end-users (”end users”), the customer can do so only after effectively linked these end-users to the existing end-user software agreements, provided by for the benefit of 10.3 Cancellation or suspension by Fiix. Without limiting any other remedies that Fiix may have, Fiix may restrict, suspend or terminate your use of the Service, prohibit your access to the Service and/or delete your user account for the Service without notice if you are late in your payment for the service by having (i) more than five (5) days for a monthly subscription or (ii) more than fifteen (15) days for an annual or multi-year subscription. Fiix also has the right to terminate these conditions (including all subscription terms) and your rights to access and use the service in the event of a violation of these conditions; Create problems with the operation of the service Creating legal liabilities (real or potential) through your use of the service inconsequent or violate any of Fiix`s guidelines; violation of another person`s intellectual property rights; fraudulent, immoral or illegal activities; or for any other reason that could harm Fiix, its service providers or other service customers. Fiix can send you a notice of termination by sending an email to the email address you indicated when you signed up for the service. Fiix has the right, without mandatory notice, to cancel user accounts for the free service that have been inactive for more than thirty (30) days. Fiix also has the right to terminate all accounts of commercial users who have been inactive for more than one year. (5) No exclusivity. The client acknowledges that there is nothing in this agreement that requires SAV to devote all of its time or attention in full or in substance to services, and that nothing should prevent or prevent SAV from entering into agreements with others for the provision of similar services.