Ifta Model International Licensing Agreement

15 Receiving it (z.B. Signal-boost, new transponder, satellite orbital orbital), then the distributor immediately becomes licensee notice on this change. The licensee grants the distributor a right of first bargain with respect to the use of the relevant licence fees in these new entities, taking into account the rights previously granted to others and an adjustment of the minimum guarantee. In the absence of an agreement during the first negotiation period, the licensee may provide the image in accordance with paragraph 14) 6) AGREEMENT TERM, LICENSE PERIOD AND HOLDBACKS a) Agreement Term: the term of the contract begins and ends on the terms of the contract, except in the case of renewal under paragraph 14) or early termination in accordance with paragraphs 14) or 15) : The licence period is the maximum period under the terms of the deal while the distributor can exploit or authorize the use of any licence fee. The licence period for pay or free-to-air television licence fees ends at the end of the licence or at the conclusion of the last Telecast granted. If you do not use all licensed Telecasts, the licence period will not be extended. The distributor must not operate or authorize the operation of a licence fee after the expiry of the contract. c) First publication: first publication means the first publication of: (i) the release date set under the terms of the agreement, if any; or (ii) the date on which the image is actually made available to the paying public for the first time, either through the exhibition in the cinema, by the sale of videograms or by the broadcast; or (iii) six (6) months after the first delivery. d) Holdbacks Distributor: The distributor must not exploit or authorize the use of a license fee until the end of its holdback. However, the distributor can enter into agreements at any time to exploit a licence fee from the end of its holdback. (e) The Holdbacks licensee: the licensee cannot exploit or authorize the exploitation of a reserved right in the territory until the end of its holdback.

However, the licensee may, at any time, enter into agreements to use a reserved right in the territory that begins after the end of its holdback. (f) Holdback Coordination: The licensee may extend holdback for up to three (3) months, provided that the licensee immediately informs the distributor of an adjusted holdback period no later than three (3) months before the end of the initial holdback period.