Alamy License Agreement

The publisher returned to Alamy, who was more than happy to sell a license, one that was impossible to sell for them. Non-exclusive license means that in addition to 500px, you can concede your photos through other commercial license providers or other commercial buyers, or you have in the past authorized the photo commercially. Also, some of the terms that are related to uses are amazing. Getting heiress nuts for a 25-year license doesn`t motivate anyone to shoot. Alamy is issued and has licenses for jobs that are no longer available. Year: Alan Capel CC: James West a) Amendment 6.4.1. (last sentence: ”This clause remains in force in its entirety even after the termination of this contract or the deletion of the image and becomes effective even after its departure” means that the photographer, after leaving Alamy, will never recover the full rights to an image sold by Alamy. Such images should never be sold with exclusive rights, as Alamy has the unlimited right to continue to lay off the image to previous buyers. The contributor does not have the ability to know which images this applies to and therefore his entire collection is devalued.

I appreciate the fact that publishers want to keep their options open if a book becomes a resounding success. I notice that Alamy says that this is the exception, not the norm. But of course, leaving the option open is a bit of a hotspot for photographers. Uncertainty does not allow them to grant an exclusive license in the future and they do not have the opportunity to know or confirm whether an image is likely to be reused or whether, for the most part, it is free to obtain an unfettered license. The ability for (probably) non-professional image buyers to download digital images for personal/private use creates a real risk of injury. How long would it take for something that is allowed for domestic use to appear on social networks, then removed from a Google search and then subjected to a commercial violation? An ex-Alamy photographer may be represented exclusively by another agent, and using his material to promote him, or Alamy would be misleading and may violate the agreement between the photographer and the new agent. The licensing of equity accounts, often referred to as a commercial license, allows potential buyers to acquire a license to use a photo for creative (commercial) or editorial purposes. As a photographer, you always retain the copyright to your photos and by accepting our contribution agreement, you give 500px and our distribution partners Getty Images and VCG (Visual China Group) permission to manage the license of your photos on your behalf.