Agreement Of Rolls Royce

”We are particularly pleased to sign new service contracts during this period. We are naturally affected by the fact that many ships are still grounded in the offshore market and it will be interesting to see the impact this will have on the services market,” said Knut Hovland. TAE Aerospace has signed an agreement with Rolls-Royce to provide domestic maintenance assistance services to the Adour Mk871 aircraft, which powers the Royal Australian Air Force`s Hawk Lead In Fighter. As part of the agreement, TAE Aerospace will provide maintenance and repair assistance services for the engine of its new Engine Maintenance Facility turbine in Ipswich, Queensland, as well as regular on-site Adour engine assistance at RAAF Williamtown and RAAF Pearce. The agreement will improve current support for the Rolls-Royce MT30 engines that power the Royal Navy`s Queen Elizabeth Class (QEC) aircraft carriers. Steinar Sandberg, head of the group`s acquisition, said: ”Of course we think we can save money by entering into such a service agreement together. We have a modern and technically advanced fleet that requires good monitoring throughout the professional life of the ships. Siem Offshore and Subsea 7 have signed a three-year joint service contract with Rolls-Royce. The agreement includes a total of 74 ships at sea. This is the first agreement signed by the two companies with the same service provider.

”The signing of this cooperation agreement is the result of close collaboration between Rolls-Royce and the UK`s MoD. Rolls-Royce, headquartered in Derby, has signed a cooperation agreement with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to strengthen the operation of the Royal Navy`s main programmes. Knut Hovland, Rolls-Royce, Director, Maritime Services, said: ”We have provided equipment to about a quarter of the world`s registered fleet. As a result, we also have service contracts and long-term contracts with a large number of shipowners around the world. We also have a network of gas stations at 34 sites around the world, which allows us to be nearby when equipment needs to be maintained or repaired. As part of the agreement, Rolls-Royce will wait and wait for all the equipment it has delivered to the offshore vessels of both companies. Currently, aftermarket services account for about 40% of Rolls-Royce Marine`s revenue. Long-term agreements account for about a quarter of them. The company is now exploring digital capabilities to offer shipowners a growing choice of new and more efficient service solutions. These include new types of services based on monitoring the operation of ships and equipment of shore-based control centres.

Rolls-Royce recently signed its first Power-by-the-Hour agreement with Norwegian logistics and freight company Nor Lines. As the first OEM, Rolls-Royce has entered into a propulsion assistance contract with BAE Systems Australia to maintain the Adour engine for the RAAF`s fleet of 33 BAE Systems Hawk aircraft, which are currently retired from circulation.